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Ultima-Accutane - Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US

In Stock ( 5 Reviews )

ACTIVE HALF-LIFE 20-22 hours
CLASSIFICATION Dermatotropic Drug
DOSAGE 20-40 mg/day
MANUFACTURER Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US
SUBSTANCE Isotretinoin,

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Ultima-Accutane is a potent retinoid. The latter refers to a derivative of vitamin A. It has as active substance – Isotretinoin – known as retinoic acid and has the form of a yellowish powder. This substance is capable of neutralizing the rapidly dividing cancer cells. This property was originally used for the treatment of cancer pathologies.

After some time, scientists have found another therapeutic properties of this powdery substance – it is able to reduce sebum production by inhibiting the excessive cell growth of the epithelium of the excretory ducts. This Accutane property allows you now to use it to treat severe acne. The formulations based on this active ingredient can be used both externally and orally. Optimal dosage selects dermatologist after examination of the patient.

Ultima-Accutane Effects

Ultima-Accutane instruction manual recommends that you use it to effectively treat acne scars and other skin diseases. The therapeutic effect of the drug has an effect directly on all the factors that trigger these diseases. First of all, it is reduced the production of sebum, pores are cleaned. Systemic retinoid prevents the growth of pathological microorganisms – Propionibacterium acnes, which causes acne, pimples.

Normalization of pH it is also a merit of the drug. Ultima-Accutane is actively used in dermatology and cosmetology, alos in bodybuilding during post cycle therapy. Active component allows you to influence not only on the symptoms of the disease, but also to eliminate the reasons that led to the development of the inflammatory process.

How to Use Ultima-Accutane: Dosage

Average daily dose (0.5 grams) must be divided into several stages. Depending on the severity of the illness – it may be increased. Note that in the night it can be taken no more than 20 grams of Isotretinoin. Drug treatment is usually long-term, 16-24 weeks. The interval between cycles of therapy should be at least two months.

Ultima-Accutane Side Effects

If you exceed the dosage, Ultima-Accutane causes side effects. They appear on the part of the immune system more often. Patients complain of rashes, redness, peeling of the skin on the palms and soles of the feet, itching, nail dystrophy plates. It is also possible the emergence of cheilitis – disease affecting the skin on the lips.

Nervous system, some patients are also suffering due to the treatment with Ultima-Accutane drug. Reviews suggest that may appear headache, excessive fatigue, impaired visual acuity, developing depression and psychosis. People with asthma history, taking this drug is extremely dangerous. This may lead to bronchoconstriction. Side effects on the organs of vision are manifested by symptoms such as keratitis, blepharitis, optic neuritis, conjunctivitis, eye irritation.

On the part of the digestive tract, it develops pancreatitis, diarrhea, internal bleeding, vomiting, inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, hepatitis. Arthritis pain in the joints and muscles, hyperostosis – these are symptoms of adverse effects of Ultima-Accutane on the musculoskeletal system.

Ultima-Accutane Reviews

Many patients successfully used for the treatment with products based on the active substance such as Isotretinoin. Analogs of these drugs should choose a specialist.

In just a few months of therapy, this powerful natural retinoid allows you to get rid of acne, acne rosacea. More severe skin disease are requiring repeated courses of therapy. Only in rare cases, the side effects occur, most often seen by the immune system: allergic rash, dry dermis redness. It is strictly forbidden to take drugs based on Isotretinoin during pregnancy planning, gestation or lactation of a baby.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. For adults only.
  • J. F.

    Cleared up Hormonal Acne

    I’ve struggled with acne my whole life and was always hesitant to get on accutane due to sides. I hopped on test recently and it made my shoulders and back break out bad so i ordered this on a whim. Even just a few weeks in i was completely cleared up with only dry lips as a side effect. Highly recommend this for anyone on the fence.

  • M. T.

    Only thing that worked

    Tried everything and this started working in a couple weeks, have chapstick ready as this dries you out

  • A. G.

    Good working product

    First time trying medicine like this. Heard how strong it is and was concerned about side effects. I saw a difference after first week of using it. Noticed severe dryness of eyes and skin as well, otherwise works great. Using lubricative drops helped a lot. Gonna continue the course to get a long-lasting result. Can recommend seller, medicine works pretty good.

  • A. S.

    Deleted the acne!

    I already had acne prior to getting on gear. After about 4 weeks of being on I started getting a lot of shoulder and back acne. I tried a couple of products to slow it down but it did not work. After starting accutane it helped me ALOT after a few weeks of being on it. 10/10 would recommend

  • S. C.

    Cleared me right up!

    I am prone to shoulder and back acne when dosing test over 600mg. Ultima Accutane cleared me right up and I continued the cycle with no more acne.


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