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Ultima-Semaglutide - Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US

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What is Semaglutide:

Semaglutide is a anti-diabetic and anti-obesity medication which is used to treat patients of type 2 diabetes and in long term weight management.

It impersonates GLP-1 hormone which is released in the gut and leads to insulin production which decreases body glucose level.

Mechanism of action:

It is a glucagon-like 1 peptide (GLP-1) agonist.
It increases the amount of insulin released and decreases the level of glucagon in the body.
Moreover, it delays emptying of the stomach and also reduces your appetite. When the stomach carries food for a greater time period, it sends signals of “fullness” to the brain.
The result of this process is an influential hunger subduing or vanquishing effect based on the patient’s own capacity to produce insulin. Patients don’t need to go through any surgeries or heavy medication in order to lose weight.

What are the benefits of Semaglutide:

It is given to type II diabetes patients since it controls the level of glucose in the body.
Decreases the risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart attack or strokes in patients prone to it.
It promotes weight loss in patients who have an initial body mass index of 30kg/m2 or greater or patients who have a BMI of 27 kg/m2 or greater and also have at least one weight-related condition, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus and lipidemia.
It is advised along with diet and exercise.

How to use:

Its half-life in the blood is about 7 days.

Dosages may vary between users, it’s recommended to start with a low dose and titrate until you reach and maintain the desired effects, dosages can range from 0.25 to 2.5 mg per week.

Fast Facts:

Semaglutide acts via multiple pathways to affect weight loss
More than 30% type II diabetes patients experienced less than 5% weight loss.

Side effects:

Aerophagia or supragastric belching
Bloated stomach ( feeling of full )
Gut ache
Periodic fever syndrome
Yellow eyes or skin
Swelling and inflammation in stomach area


Biliary lithiasis
Diabetic retinopathy
Renal failure, renal impairment
History of angioneurotic edema
Medullary thyroid cancer
multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2 (MEN 2)
thyroid C-cell tumors
Type 1 diabetes mellitus

Storage of Semaglutide:

Do not freeze.

Store your new, unused medicine pen in its original carton in the refrigerator.
Avoid exposing it to extreme heat or cold as it may degrade the compound.
Prevent it from getting contaminated as water can generate chemical reactions in it.
Out of Reach: Store Semaglutide out of reach of children, pets, or anyone who should not have access to it.
Separation: Avoid storing Semaglutide in the same location as food, beverages, or other medications to prevent cross-contamination.
  • J. R.


    This stuff work very well. It is potent. Add 2ml of reconstitution solution/bacteriostatic water and swirl it around until powder is dissolved. Weight is coming off and no hunger.

  • J. N.

    Quality Product! Quality Results!

    As always quality and works So well!! Weight coming off and staying off and no hunger issues!!

  • R. I.

    Great Product

    I mixed mine with 2ml of BAC water and did .5 for my first dose. My appetite by the second day was gone. At this point I have to remind myself to eat each day.

  • D. B.

    Absolute Gold!

    Used this stuff for 16 weeks and lost nearly 30lbs. I let the compound do all the work! I didn’t change anything about how, what or when I ate. This stuff changed everything for me. I hardly ever felt hungry, I felt full quickly once I did decide to eat and each week the lbs fell right off. If you’re on the fence about trying this stuff for yourself, take it from myself and everyone else leaving reviews. This shit WORKS! A few things I noticed while on this, 1. It makes you very thirsty so keep water around. I carried a hydroflask around like it was attached to me. 2. Buy yourself some polyethylene-glycol. Mix it into some juice or into your favorite morning beverage every other morning to keep from becoming constipated.

  • C. J.

    Best Sema around

    This Semaglutide is a life changer and will come with great results with little to no side effects. It’s definitely given my wife the motivation to continue working and losing the weight.

  • M. C.


    Great stuff, fast shipping. Kills appetite great weight loss supplement. Definitely will recommend to anyone trying to get rid of some extra pounds before summer season!!

  • J. L.

    Appetite killer

    This stuff is worth every penny. Titrating up to max dose, has killed my appetite over the last 4 months. Down 25 pounds with minimal effort

  • J. N.


    As ALWAYS top quality top shipping and customer service!!!

  • P. R.

    Great product - Ultima-Semaglutide

    !st is thing is the product arrived in 10 days. I used it and it did a great job, and I am down 10lbs. with ease! Thank you, OSGear!

  • C. C.

    Great stuff

    Thanks for the great prices and quick shipping. Still losing weight and still loving it. Works great solid product.

  • C. J.

    The quickest, easiest, and most effective Semaglutide I have found

    This is just a good product all around. It has helped my wife lose over 10 lbs in the first week! She has said that the feelings and cravings for food are just not there! Incredible is the only word I can use to describe what I have seen out of this peptide. If you’re hesitant, just do it. You will not regret it!

  • R. T.


    3rd order of Semaglutide Bogo and me and my mom dropped 4 pant sizes in 4 months. Both of us. Be careful and titration is necessary because you don’t want to get sick. They were kind enough to even include dbol for my man. I’ll never shop anywhere else. Thanks OS & Gary

  • L. H.

    Hands Down The Best Semaglutide

    I began using Semaglutide in October for weight loss. While my insurance approved a weight loss drug, the cost would have been $1,000 per prescription, which wasn't feasible. Discovering Semaglutide has been life-changing. I've lost 40lbs since October, experiencing mild nausea and headaches initially, but no side effects since. Semaglutide is truly a game changer for me!

  • C. C.


    Still swearing by this and still losing weight and not having any sides. Will continue to be loyal to OS and this semaglutide. Thanks

  • D. R.

    Good Stuff

    Wife has been using this for awhile now and has steadily been losing weight.

  • M. S.

    Work great

    I just started this and I have to say I’m already noticing the desire to eat way down. I will be ordering more!

  • S. H.

    Love it.

    Second order in. This product is legit and does as expected.

  • M. L.

    Ultima Semaglutide

    bought Ultima semaglutide for the wife on the last BOGO sale. She couldn't be happier! She is already down 30lbs since starting. I can't be happier lol. Thank you OSgear! Always great products and service. The wife and I couldn't be more pleased

  • J. L.

    Worth every penny

    Have lost over 50 pounds in 5 months using Osgears Sema. Complete appetite suppressant, no other side effects with dosed properly and keep fluids high.

  • C. B.

    Incredible Results.

    Took about 5 business days to receive. Very well packed. Found instructions on how to administer online. Mix 2ml of bareostatic water per 5mg. Following the instructions found online (0.25ml for 4 weeks, 0.5ml for 4 weeks, etc)…. Been using for three weeks and I’m down 20 pounds. Appetite decreased, eating smaller portions, no major side effects. I go to the gym three times a week so that may help. Will reorder again.

  • T. F.


    Got 4 and having a good progress with !

  • J. L.

    Incredible stuff

    Osgear once again shows why they're best in business. Order to delivery in 4 days. Semaglutide is incredibly potent, down 60lbs in 4 months.

  • W. H.

    Lost 35 lbs so far

    Been on this product for a few months, lost 35 lbs so far and still going

  • C. C.


    Works amazing lost 12 pounds in a month. No sides super fast shipping nothing but great things with this company and this product. Will reorder.

  • T. F.

    Great product

    Very happy with the results. I have purchased more because I’m so happy with it

  • T. F.


    Just got the product, very fast and safe ! Thanks Guys!

  • S. H.


    Works like other brands I have used. No issues.

  • M. B.


    No complaints

  • B. R.

    Very happy

    Worked as expected. No issues.

  • D. S.

    Thank You!

    Glad I got this one in before out of stock! Thanks OS this semaglutide is killer!

  • D. S.


    Quick fast shipping! Thank and this stuff is great!

  • J. L.

    Worth every penny

    2nd order in a month, stocking up for future cuts. This stuff works, down 10lbs in 3 weeks

  • J. L.

    Very potent

    Only been a few weeks on so far but seems to be very effective in controlling hunger

  • T. M.

    Really helps

    I am prone to snack when I am bored this really helps me control that. Also I will clear my plate even when I’m full. While taking this I am able to realize I am full and not have to consume every bite.

  • T. M.

    Love this stuff

    Been on it since June 9th and have lost 17 lbs. this really works. Appetite suppressant does happen and food noise is gone. I would just eat to eat now I stop when I am full. Placing another order soon!!

  • M. S.

    Product Received

    I have used Semaglutide for about 12 weeks from a doctor and compound Pharmacy. Since I succeeded with OSGear and Ultima products with testosterone and other compounds, I decided to try it. I have not mixed mine yet, because I am unsure how much bac water to add. The Semaglutide I received from the compounding pharmacy is 2.65 mg per 1 ml, and the Ultima is 5mg. Any ideas on how to mix it?

  • R. M.

    great delivery and quality product

    This is the second time I ordered this product and again quick delivery and the product is real. My order time was 6 days from order to delivery. The quality is on point. I have used ozempic pens and this is just as strong. Thanks as always.

  • J. N.

    Quality Semaglutide

    I've been using their Semaglutide and it definitely works. Personally, it took until the 1st dosage increase happened at week 5 before I really noticed it, but you are supposed to gradually ramp up the dosage so you don't get an upset stomach. I got this because I wanted to lose 5 pounds for summer, and instead I lost 13 pounds, without even doing anything different. This stuff is amazing.

  • B. L.


    This absolutely works.... fast! You will have some sides, I believe they are dose dependent. I used .5mg 2x week. Dropped weight almost immediately. Very easy to order, mix and administer

  • M. P.


    Ordered 5 bottles in total. First bottle i dropped 18lbs in 18 days. But since then i have maybe lost another 5 lbs and that fluctuates daily. I did not change my exercise or poor choice of food at times i go to the gym maybe once a week but never for cardio. I have one bottle left and didn’t order anymore as they are out of stock in US ( ultima brand) . Once i run out i will not order anymore just to see if i gain the weight back. I do take 500mg week of cypionate and just ordered anavar to stack with it and will increase gym time. The hope is to cut more weight or atleast not gain any back. I will report in the months to come. Shipping is always fast. From payment to shipped is usually a week for me here in FL

  • J. M.

    It just works

    I picked up 6 of these after hearing how well it works. I took my first injection of .25mg one week ago, and my hunger has dropped by 50%. I've heard people say this works just as well as Ozempic. I'm going to stick with it raising my dose every 3 weeks. Thus far, no unusual sides, just a decrease in appetite. This product took 3 days to be delivered, after it shipped.

  • L. H.

    Thank you!

    Very happy - I just placed another order to stock up. Shipping was fast.


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