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Ultima-Tren A 100 - Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US

Out Of Stock ( 22 Reviews )

DOSAGE Men 200-700 mg/week
ACNE Rarely
MANUFACTURER Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US
LAB TEST See Document
SUBSTANCE Trenbolone Acetate,

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Ultima-Tren - an injectable anabolic steroid that has gained popularity among the experienced bodybuilders and powerlifters as an effective means to maximize the growth of muscle mass and prepare for the upcoming competitions.

Ultima-Tren is a powerful anabolic agent from the manufacturer Ultima Pharmaceuticals. Trenbolone Acetate is the main active ingredient of the drug, a derivative of Trenbolone, which in the past was used for the growth of muscle mass and appetite in cattle. In order to extend the life period of Trenbolone, such anabolics are not used by pharmacologists in its original form.

Trenbolone has highly anabolic and androgenic activity. Such a powerful anabolic steroid effect is caused by affinity to the androgen receptor (Trenbolone is 4-5 times greater than the Testosterone‘s ability to bind).

Ultima-Tren Effects

- muscle growth (on average, up to 10 kg after the 6-8 week cycle);
- an increase in power rates;
- effect on potency and libido (observed effects of increasing and decreasing, depending on the characteristics of the body’s perception to steroid);
- significant increase in insulin-like growth factor (around 200%);
- a decrease in the body’s cortisol levels;
- stimulation of growth hormone release;
- fat-burning effect.

Due to the high androgenic steroid activity, uncontrolled increase in dosage also lead to some side effects: high blood pressure, hair loss, acne and greasy skin, irritation, insomnia, etc. But when properly compiled cycle, the likelihood of sides is minimized.

How to Use Ultima-Tren: Dosage, Cycle, PCT

- Do not exceed the recommended dosage. This steroid should be used at 50 mg per day (or 100 mg every other day).
- During the first few days of the cycle, take the minimum dose to check personal tolerance on anabolic effects.
- Buy Gonadotropins (500-1000IU on a weekly basis), if the duration of the cycle is designed for more than 5-6 weeks.
- Start PCT in 2-3 days after a final injection time (use Clomid or Toremifene).
- Take a testosterone booster within 3-4 weeks from the last week of the cycle.
- In order to support natural testosterone levels in the body, take Testosterone (in small doses up to 250 mg per week).
- Follow the diet for gaining muscle mass, for greater efficiency rate.

Note for competing athletes: in spite of the short half-life (1 day), anabolic discovery time in the body is up to 5 months. Women should take this powerful androgen, not recommended even in minimal doses.

Ultima-Tren Combination Cycles

For standard cycle on muscle gain, the drug is often taken independently by virtue of sufficient effectiveness. During the period of drying, together with Ultima-Tren is recommended buy Anavar or Ultima-Win, using only half of the dosage of anabolic steroids for 6-8 weeks (without anti-estrogens). Quite popular combination is the combination with Stanozolol or Boldenone. As a result, the athlete gets a significant increase in the volume of dry muscle.

There are also professional cycles that are not recommended for beginners to experience. For example, one can buy Ultima-Enan (250 mg weekly) for 10-15 weeks. Such combinations are used by experienced bodybuilders to maximize muscle mass during preparation for competitions.

Ephedrine and Clenbuterol combined with Trenbolone is not recommended.

Ultima-Tren Reviews

Ultima-Tren reviews of the most popular and effective form of a well-known steroid (based on statistical data, 50% of the interviewed athletes prefer it instead the rest of trenbolone esters). Regarding the results, left on Ultima-Tren cycle reviews, show that nearly 100% confirm that this is the solution of achieving the desired quality muscle mass and severity of the effect after the cycle (92% positive ratings).

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. For adults only.
  • S. W.

    Strong! 19 Jun, 24

    Ran 50mg EOD for 6 weeks. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received on the change in my physique. Only sides I experienced were night sweats which happens to me every time I run Tren. I will definitely be purchasing again!

  • M. T.

    Best out there 09 May, 24

    This stuff works quick! Seeing visible results in just 2 weeks

  • M. T.

    Top quality 02 May, 24

    300mg per week with .25 caber twice a week. Hardly any sides and results are great

  • R. M.

    Second time buying and Ultima Tren is the best 18 Mar, 24

    I have purchased other brands and Ultima is the best. I can literally tell after 2 shots that this is stronger than other brands, despite both brands being tested. Not sure what to attribute it to but this is the most potent Tren out there. I would highly suggest starting with 10 mg a day and work your way up to where ever you want to go. By week 4 I was having little to no symptoms just some extra aggression come gym time. I titrated very very slowly to get there.

  • M. L.

    Great Tren Ace. 16 Mar, 24

    I ran this Ultima Tren Ace and had a pretty rad experience especially in the gym. The only negative side effect I really noticed was a slight uptick in irritability and anger but we all know that’s pretty common. There was a little pip but I found that warming up the bottle under medium hot water completely got rid of it. The times I didn’t warm the bottle were the only times I experienced pip. It’s excellent tren.

  • S. C.

    Tren Ace 100 11 Mar, 24

    By this time, I have come to trust the quality of Ultima from their other products. This was my first Tren Ace run. The first couple injections had some PIP that lasted 10-20 minutes, but I got used to it and about a week later, there was no more PIP. For what it’s worth, I injected in my delts, 30mg daily. This was because I was using my glutes for Test/Mast. Goal was to recomp. My weight stayed about the same, but physique definitely changed. Three weeks post cycle and I still have the new veins in the quads and still holding the new physique. I will definitely run this again.

  • R. M.

    Wow this stuff is great 27 Jan, 24

    I have never used Tren before and you can feel the strength gains within days. I am titrating very slowly to reduce any potential sides and so far none to speak of except a little feeling a bit simulated within an hour or 2 of taking the shot. In 4 weeks I have put on 7 lbs of muscle. By far the most potent substance I have ever used.

  • R. S.

    Must try Tren! 25 Dec, 23

    High quality product, running at 280mg/ w (40mg/ day) has zero PIP using a 30g 0.5 inch needle in delts. Strength gains already noticeable, physique changes happen pretty quick if diet is in check. At 280-300mg/week I experience very little sides. Overall, Ultima is a great source for Tren.

  • D. M.

    Best I have used yet!! 19 Dec, 23

    Amazing results! I ran an 8 week cycle and I have got the best results from this product. Nothing else compares!

  • J. C.

    Yes please 20 Nov, 23

    Running low dose, 20mg/daily (140mg/wk). Easily pins with an insulin needle. No PIP and can easily notice sides before they become an issue. Almost immediate change in digestion and strength. Physique looks harder and more dense 2.5 weeks in

  • W. O.

    Tren is a must add 14 Oct, 23

    Tren is like magic in a bottle. Start slow and low and build up to your own tolerance. Great addition for strength, size and overall comp. Great product get yours today.

  • W. O.

    Game changer 14 Oct, 23

    If you have never used this product it is a must to add to your cycle. Start slow and low, as this is very potent. Can slowly build up to 500mg a week no issues as long as you add cardarine to reduce sides. Great product, great quality !

  • B. R.

    Amazing 08 Jul, 23

    I Just got a nice order I'll review the other products soon but the Tren-A from Ultima is the best quality i've seen and felt in a while. As always with OS the shipping was fast. After today OS is my only source!!!

  • M. R.

    Great product 22 Jun, 23

    Doing a low dose cycle and feel great. Tons of gains without the sides being to harsh. As always fast shipping

  • A. S.

    Chefs Kiss* Quality 12 Jun, 23

    Shipping was Fast. Quality of the product is amazing. Overall customer service was 10/10. 21 lbs of muscle in 10 weeks!

  • V. B.

    Best quality tren 31 May, 23

    Not only have I used Ultima test, but I've also now used Ultima TREN and they're top quality. I haven't experienced any pip from any of their injectables, and I get the results I'm seeking from their products. The shipping was incredibly fast as well.

  • D. M.

    Superior quality as always! 07 May, 23

    Ordered this product late on Friday , received the product the next Friday even with the weekend. Thats good service ! And the quality of the product is superior .

  • T. G.

    Life changing 14 Apr, 23

    This is some serious stuff. I’ve blown up from this and it is so smooth and just great quality. I recommend this company to absolutely everyone and I will never get from anyone else

  • J. R.

    A real difference maker 03 Mar, 23

    This product is as advertised. I saw an increase in size not even a week in. This can help turn you into a freak. You could use this along with your preferred Test and become a monster if thats something you consider a goal. It also made my blood pressure monster levels. Tren Dick is something that is also real. It is not always a problem so to speak but your dick just will not always be rock hard when you need it to be. Sometimes you will not need it to be and it will. Pickle firmness is what you may be working with if you go too high on your dose. Just want you to know all the info, not just the good. Solid product.

  • B. B.

    Effective 23 Feb, 23

    The Tren Ace from Ultima is fantastic. Very little to no PIP, strength and physique changed as expected, side effects were easily manageable. Will order again!

  • J. S.

    Potent 16 Jan, 23

    Very happy with this product. Very little PIP which is a plus with frequent injections and I’m telling you this had me shredded!

  • C. C.

    Ultima Trenbalone Acetate-100 Review 20 Sep, 22

    OSGEAR Delivered the Fastest U.S. DOMESTIC Ship T/A for Me I'veEver Had from a Worldwide/International Supplier in 20yrs. The Ultima Tren Acetate-100 Delivered And It Delivered On Point for Me.. I've used Many Different Brands and suppliers and Have Run Ace/Enth/Hexa Esters in Mutiple Combinations together And Each Seperatly At Various milligram Combinations for Over 20 Years Off And On, And Was Able to use Some of the Real Parabolan Frkm France Jn the Early 90s before It Was no longer Produced, and I Have To say I was Very happy with the Ultima Tren Ace100 from OS. Their ship T/A, Customer Service Team, and overall commitment was Excellent. At 75mg Daily For 6 weeks And 150mg Test Prop weekly it Gave Me Better Results Then I could've hoped For.... (C.CLARK~ OSGEAR Customer)


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