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Ultima-TNE/Oxy 70/30 - Ultima Pharmaceuticals

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  • J. V.

    Extremely Effective Pre-workout

    I do not say this lightly - this is one of the most effective combinations of Pre-workout that there is available. Combining both Test Base (TNE) and 30mg of Anadrol 50 in oil form. Take 1ml an hour before training and get ready for some serious power and strength increases. Adding in the Anadrol on top of the Test Base allows you to lift even more weight than with just the Test base alone and the muscle can contract much harder. Adrol in oil form also feels much more tolerable and nicer than the tablet version for some reason, for some Anadrol can cause lethargy in oral form but adding it together with TNE and allowing it to access the bloodstream immediately removes this side effect. You also have the increased aggression added by the Anadrol which is needed when going for big weights and new PR's. 1 vial is never enough of this so make sure you order several, all of your lifts will go up overnight and you will simply not want to stop using it.


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