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Anavar 50 - Nakon Medical

In Stock ( 9 Reviews )

DOSAGE Men 30-50 mg/day
ACNE Rarely
LAB TEST See Document
WAREHOUSE International Warehouse 3
SUBSTANCE Oxandrolone,

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Anavar, the active ingredient is Oxandrolone.

The effects of the drug:

Increases protein synthesis in the body.
Has a fat-burning effect.
Increases growth hormone levels.
Improves muscle hardness and definition.
Virtually no side effects.
Not flavored.

Possible side effects:

Slight hepatotoxicity (or even lower, are not expressed at moderate doses).
Very slight suppression of natural testosterone.
Reduced production of gonadotropins and testicular atrophy (only at high dosages and long cycles).
Extremely rare decreased appetite, abdominal pain, blood pressure, headaches.

Side effects practically does not happen, if you do not exceed the recommended dose and duration of the cycle.

Anavar Cycles

Anavar cycle duration is about 6 weeks, at a dose of 50 mg per day (4 receptions), provides a marked improvement in speed – power performance without side effects.

Cycle duration of 6 to 8 weeks, 50 mg Anavar, 100 mg of Propionat 100 through the day and 300-400 mg of Trenbolone 100 per week, will give good quality muscle mass growth.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. For adults only.
  • R. A.

    Real deal 20 Jun, 24

    I personally can't bear taking more then 25mg or the pump in my arms is getting ridiculous. 25mg per day is enough for me to get a good pump, decent strength gains and a good increas

  • M. H.

    Great experience with anavar 20 May, 24

    The anavar was taken for about 5 weeks. I split the dosages up into morning and pre-workout 12.5mg each. The pills are easy to break into quarters using a razor blade. My energy levels were good and you can tell the anavar kicks in pretty fast. Also I had good libido and mentally I experienced good confidence. I put on probably around two pounds of lean muscle and a little fat, but this would also be great on a cut. I did not notice any change in appetite or acne level. Their website has great customer service. If I need to contact them through the ticket system I usually hear back in less than a day. They are always professional and I have not had any trouble, the way it should be for a customer. Overall just a great experience and I highly recommend this source. I had a great experience with the anavar, and I can see why basically everyone recommends it if you can get it from a trusted source for a reasonable price. Their prices, customer service, shipping, and products are the highest quality that you could ask for.

  • A. L.

    so far so good 24 Apr, 24

    Running a 6 week short cycle and so far so good. Currently taking 50 mg during the day, preferably 1 hour prior to work out and it feels great. Feel improved vascularity, strength, stamina and fullness. Definition is starting to appear. It takes 1-3 weeks to start feeling the full effects. Will be completing this cycle and probably doing another one at a higher dose later in the year. Also running 300 mg test btw (I am on TRT 150 weekly)

  • C. Z.

    Quality and Doseage. 10 Apr, 24

    I've ran Anavar twice before, both were medical grade NOT a UGL. Nakon however has delivered quality on-par if not better than both previous runs of Anavar. The dosage is accurate, when taken sublingually it hits in 20 minutes. Moderate boost in strength, noticeable vascularity increase, pumps 24-7, forearm and back pumps after every lift. Perfect quality and an amazing price. 100% gonna be a returning customer.

  • N. F.

    Great Anavar 22 Mar, 24

    Well priced and great product. Takes a few weeks to kick in but can see muscle bigger and fuller, not life changing amounts but a decent gentle oral.

  • A. S.

    Proper Var 09 Dec, 23

    Noticeable Var, big pumps, vascularity, increase in efficacy of volume centric training. Sweet spot for me was 25AM and 50 pre workout. Started at 25/25, titrated up. Both effective, cycle just required more out of it later on. 10/10 will do again.

  • R. M.

    Perfect Run 17 Aug, 23

    Even though the lab tests are not updated, this is the first time can say that it feels like overdosed Var. it’s always such a gamble with UG, as Var is usually undersized or sometimes not even present (i.e. substituted with winny or even dbol). This behaves exactly as it should. Significant increase in vascularity to where secondary vessels are visible. Semi-limiting forearm pumps, as well as distinct muscle hardening effect and strength increase around 5-10% noticed within a few weeks, without searching or forcing it. Can’t stress enough how sold am on Nakon’s line. Tried so many companies over YEARS, and hands down will not switch brands until given no choice. Side note, these can be broken & taken in half tabs and absolutely serve their purpose and effective @ 25mg pre-wo. Not affiliated in any way w/ company, but have nothing but great things to say and will keep reviewing & spreading word. Thank you!

  • J. M.

    Nakon Quality 04 May, 23

    Makes a great addition to any cycle. Even better choice with summer on it's way. Zero side effects, and can be ran at length, where many orals are just too toxic. I've added this quality Anavar to my summer cutting cycle. 50 in the am, and 50 pre workout.

  • I. B.

    Perfect 13 Apr, 23

    I don't know what else can be said about an almost perfect roid. Limited but quality gains and practically innocuous in terms of side effects. perfect choice


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