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Tren-A 100 - Nakon Medical

In Stock ( 4 Reviews )

DOSAGE Men 200-700 mg/week
ACNE Rarely
LAB TEST See Document
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SUBSTANCE Trenbolone Acetate,

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Tren-A 100 – an injectable anabolic steroid that has gained popularity among the experienced bodybuilders and powerlifters as an effective means to maximize the growth of muscle mass and prepare for the upcoming competitions.

Tren-A 100 is a powerful anabolic agent from the manufacturer Nakon Medical. Trenbolone Acetate is the main active ingredient of the drug, a derivative of Trenbolone, which in the past was used for the growth of muscle mass and appetite in cattle. In order to extend the life period of Tren-A, such anabolics are not used by pharmacologists in its original form.

Trenbolone has highly anabolic and androgenic activity. Such a powerful anabolic steroid effect is caused by affinity to the androgen receptor (Tren-A is 4-5 times greater than the Testosterone‘s ability to bind).

Tren-A 100 Effects

muscle growth (on average, up to 10 kg after the 6-8 week cycle);
an increase in power rates;
effect on potency and libido (observed effects of increasing and decreasing, depending on the characteristics of the body’s perception to steroid);
significant increase in insulin-like growth factor (around 200%);
a decrease in the body’s cortisol levels;
stimulation of growth hormone release;
fat-burning effect.

Due to the high androgenic steroid activity, uncontrolled increase in dosage also lead to some side effects: high blood pressure, hair loss, acne and greasy skin, irritation, insomnia, etc. But when properly compiled cycle, the likelihood of sides is minimized.

How to Use Tren-A 100: Dosage, Cycle, PCT

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. This steroid should be used at 50 mg per day (or 100 mg every other day).
During the first few days of the cycle, take the minimum dose to check personal tolerance on anabolic effects.
Buy Gonadotropins (500-1000IU on a weekly basis), if the duration of the cycle is designed for more than 5-6 weeks.
Start PCT in 2-3 days after a final injection time (use Clomid or Toremifene).
Take a testosterone booster within 3-4 weeks from the last week of the cycle.
In order to support natural testosterone levels in the body, take Testosterone (in small doses up to 250 mg per week).
Follow the diet for gaining muscle mass, for greater efficiency rate.

Note for competing athletes: in spite of the short half-life (1 day), anabolic discovery time in the body is up to 5 months. Women should take this powerful androgen, not recommended even in minimal doses.

Tren-A 100 Combination Cycles

For standard cycle on muscle gain, the drug is often taken independently by virtue of sufficient effectiveness. During the period of drying, together with Tren-A 100 is recommended buy Anavar or Winstrol, using only half of the dosage of anabolic steroids for 6-8 weeks (without anti-estrogens). Quite popular combination is the combination with Stanozolol or Boldenone. As a result, the athlete gets a significant increase in the volume of dry muscle.

There are also professional cycles that are not recommended for beginners to experience. For example, one can buy Testosterone Enanthate (250 mg weekly) for 10-15 weeks. Such combinations are used by experienced bodybuilders to maximize muscle mass during preparation for competitions.

Ephedrine and Clenbuterol combined with Trenbolone is not recommended.

Tren-A 100 Reviews

Tren-A 100 reviews of the most popular and effective form of a well-known steroid (based on statistical data, 50% of the interviewed athletes prefer it instead the rest of trenbolone esters). Regarding the results, left on Tren-A 100 cycle reviews, show that nearly 100% confirm that this is the solution of achieving the desired quality muscle mass and severity of the effect after the cycle (92% positive ratings).

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. For adults only.
  • J. S.

    I was skeptical…

    When I purchased this item it was my first interaction with steroid buying. I took a chance cuz I saw great reviews about this site but was still 90% sure I was gonna get scammed. After the purchase I had zero tracking movement for exactly one month. I checked daily during that period and I wrote two support tickets and got replies that I didn’t believe and so I basically decided that was that and I cut my losses. About a week later I got a package that I couldn’t think of having ordered anything upon receiving. So I opened it up and to my surprise there was my order and it even cam with an additional item of equal value I didn’t even purchase. I checked the verification codes with nakkon and holy crap they were both legit. I gotta say I had my doubts but osgear came through and I’ll be reporting my results in a few weeks. Thanks!

  • J. V.

    Clean Trenbolone Acetate

    One of the Best steroids in existence that brings a whole host of benefits to the table. Strength, power, lean muscle and fat loss capabilities are unrivalled still, even after all the time it has been on the market. This is the very fast acting Acetate version that begins to get into the bloodstream after only a few hours from injection. Its Anabolic to Androgenic ratio is 500 : 500 meaning it is all things to all men. Whenever I have ran this version it only takes a couple of days to start seeing and feeling its benefits - Lifts get stronger and easier, aggression goes through the roof together with the desire to reach the target number of reps you are aiming for. Its so crazy that often when I have come down with a cold or not been able to get in my usual amount of food I have STILL progressed forwards in my training due to how strong it is and its affinity for the Androgen receptor. Try to remain disciplined however and do not run it for more than 10 to 12 weeks without coming off for a good break.

  • E. T.

    Tren a !

    I like running with this product. Dramatíc result.

  • D. P.

    Tren A 100mg/ml

    My order came in no time, have already started running this product and I already feel a dramatic improvement in my lifts and over all workout 10/10!


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